DEG Office Supplies


When imagining an office space, you would surely visualise several items. Out of these, you would surely imagine files and folders. These are an intrinsic part of any workspace where you can keep important papers. You can find different types of files and folders across various working levels in an office space.

Need for Files and Folders in a Workspace:

The primary function of files and folders is to store and organise various documents. However, it also has a secondary function of keeping the office neat and orderly. However, it would be wrong to assume that you would find only a single form of storage supplies in an office. There are multiple variants with varying designs and specific purposes.

Top Variants of Files and Folders to Keep in an Office:

If you want to keep your office space properly organised, you cannot ignore these top folder variants. You will find more about these vital office supplies in the following section.

  • Pocket Files: Pocket files are an efficient document holder that is also easy to carry. The primary material for this folder is manila cards, which offer a high level of comfort and convenience. If you want to bring a large collection of files to a meeting, the pocket files are the most practical options. Though these are found in traditional monochrome patterns, you can customise the colours to match your style.
  • Minute File: As the name suggests, you can use these files primarily to keep meeting minutes. However, they are highly efficient in filing, indexing and categorising other files too. These are also made of manila card, with a specification of 150 gsm. They offer unmatched quality and convenience. The files also offer a customised colour pattern for easy identification.
  • Rigid Box Files: These files are the most prudent choice if you want to store important documents for a long time. They are made of robust materials that can protect the paper from natural elements. On the top portion, you will find an enclosed case, connected with a metal clip. You can use this clip to store vital documents ranging from A4 to F5.

To make your office an organised and productive workspace, you cannot ignore the role of files and folders. If you want to source them from a reliable supplier in Ashtead and adjacent areas, contact DEG Office Supplies. We are a leading solution provider offering top-quality office supplies to a wide range of local businesses. For more enquiry, you can browse our website or contact us today.