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Finding the best pen for your office stationery is essential; office work gets smooth and is incomplete without a suitable pen. Always buying the most expensive pen will not serve the purpose. Some pens are expensive, while others are functional. Visit the nearest stationary store and get the best-quality pens for your office. Selecting the right type of pen is essential to make your job easier. Office stationery plays a major role in upgrading the office environment. 

Different types of office pens 

Ballpoint pens

They are oil-based ink pens that offer a smooth writing experience. The ink is thick, and it dries up quickly on the paper. Moreover, you do not need to refill the ballpoint pens like the ink pens. Since the ballpoint dries up quickly, it is a good choice for office stationery. You can make quick signatures, lists, or note instant messages without fearing them getting damaged. 

Fountain pens

Fountain pens are a popular option for a long time. However, the ink in the fountain pen takes a lot of time to dry, so it is not advisable to sign important office papers using a fountain pen. Also, a fountain pen has to be refilled with bottled ink. You also need to remove the cartridge to ensure the pen writes smoothly. Adding a fountain pen might improve the aesthetics of your office desk; however, it is not advisable to use the same for emergencies. 

Rollerball pens

Rollerball pens are another popular option; you might see them on every office table. These pens use liquid water based ink, which dries quickly. When you write with a roller ball pen, your speed is faster than a normal ballpoint pen. Hence, these pens are a feasible choice for writing comfortably on office documents. They work great when you have lots and lots of papers to fill quickly. 

Gel Ink pens

Gel ink pens use water-based ink, which is very thick. Gel pens are available in various colours; however, the ink takes a lot of time to dry. Gel pens are a part of office stationery and are mainly used for highlighting documents and files or writing important points. Gel pens are not a suitable option for everyday use. 

For different types of office stationery, contact DEG Office Supplies. We are a dedicated company offering top-quality supplies at rock-bottom prices. Get in touch with us for all types of office stationery.